Baking has always been a thing for me.  I baked throughout my childhood.  I baked to relieve stress from my IT job.  I baked while my husband and I waited in the adoption pool before finally meeting our son.  For years, it has been my secret dream to own a bakery and make my living creating delicious treats for all who wanted them.  I still have to pinch myself sometimes to realize that the dream is about to be real!  We're building the shop!  We've got a team of fun and friendly people and we're going to make amazing sweets for you!  Our first retail location will be located in the Creston-Kenilworth neighborhood of SE Portland and we are having a grand opening party on February 29th!  We hope we've built a space that is welcoming and cozy and makes you want to keep coming back.  Meanwhile, you can always order Unicorn sweets online and we'll bring them right to your Portland area door.  Click the button below and pick out something delicious, and then come see us on February 29th! 

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Unicorns aren't food snobs but we do know that quality ingredients will make tastier sweets. That's just science in action. And since we care about our community and the people who produce the ingredients we use, it's an easy call to use local produce whenever possible and to make sure our other ingredients are responsibly sourced and of high quality.  If you ever have a question about the ingredients used in a Unicorn sweet, please ask.  Your peace of mind is very important to us! ♥

Some of our nearest and dearest friends and family eat gluten-free and we love surprising them with delicious sweets that won't make them sick!  If ever you see something we've baked that isn't gluten-free but you'd like it to be, let us know! There's a very good chance a gluten free version will be coming your way soon...


We work to keep all gluten and gluten free items separate but we are not a strictly gluten free kitchen.  If you have a severe gluten allergy, please take care when considering our sweets. ♥

About Gluten free sweets
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